Saigontoday is now almost 20 years old. During this last 20 years we have shown the transition of the old-time Saigon which existed before 1990. Changes and events have changed Saigon almost totally and SaigonToday of 2020 is hardly recognizable from the Saigon of 1990.

When this site started it was alone in presenting the excitement of change and advances. Today, there are perhaps hundreds of sites dealing with a myriad of facets of a still rapidly developing City, and country.

It is now time for the pioneer of information about Modern Saigon to go into retirement. The exact date of retirement is uncertain, but this will be the last year of SaigonToday in the current format.

The archives that we have stored are extensive. We intend to review these and bring some of the last 20 years of history to life in a retrospective form which will invoke memories of the transition that has taken place. Much of the information will be focused on the rapidly changing 10 years from 1988 through to 2000.

Thank you for viewing, and join us in the changes which will be happening over the next several months.

The Saigon Today Team